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GCE A Level Preparation Courses

GCE Advanced (‘A’) Level examinations are the most popular pre-university qualifications taken by students seeking entrance to UK universities. They are recognised worldwide as being of a very high academic standard. Students normally choose their A Level subjects in accordance with their future BA, BSc and B Eng degree studying plans. An A Level course usually consists of 6 modules (3 AS or Advanced Subsidiary and 3 A2 units). Coursework can contribute to final results; A Levels examinations are graded A-E. A Level students generally undergo regular tests under examination conditions and their results usually help identify areas in need of special attention.
GK Consultants tutors are pleased to provide specialist A Level subject tutoring, A Level study, methodological, essay wri9ting and examination skills assistance and associated counselling and guidance, all of which is individually tailored in accordance with each A Level student’s personal needs. Many A Level students find the expectations of A Level examiners in relation to independent learning, critical thinking and argument statement skills somewhat daunting while others experience difficulties with practical matters such as note taking, skimming and scanning.
GK Consultants tutors are pleased to provide students with help in whatever academic, methodological or practical areas they require, and an in-depth interview is conducted immediately after registration to enable all newly-enrolled A Level students at GK Consultants confide in the Director or his authorised deputy over whichever aspects of their A Level studies they feel are not enabling them to achieve their full potential. The Personalised Learning Plan that results from this preliminary discussion is then structured around these areas with the aim of ensuring any weaknesses are addressed and then rectified in the weeks and months ahead.
Most A Level students who enrol at GK Consultants find this individual attention enormously helpful in enabling them to air personal learning difficulties they may feel shy or inhibited about raising in larger classes with the result that they are thus able to raise their A Level mock test results in preparation for their final A Level examinations.
GK Consultants’s A Level tutoring is provided both to first-time A Level candidates (in their first and second years) and to A Level retake students (GK Consultants tutors’ expertise can help retake students achieve a 2-grade improvement on their previous results.)

GK Consultants is happy to provide specialist tutoring in different A Level subjects. GK Consultants tutors work continuously to ensure their A Level students receive the best tuition available and show the best academic performance of which they are capable. The A Level subjects they teach include Accounting, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Psychology, English, Sociology and Law. Other subjects may be available on request – please contact GK Consultants for further details.

Academic English support is also available at GK Consultants for international students whose first language is other than English. Students normally require IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 550 or an equivalent pass grade in another Higher Intermediate level EFL examination to be able to succeed at A Level.

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    Covid-19 Update 😷

    Covid-19: Tutorial Procedures

    Just recently the Covid-19 situation has become increasingly worse once again and obviously worrying for all of us. Schools are closed or likely to be closed and will be offering online learning to supplement and replace all classroom teaching, homework assignments, examination preparation and project work. We here at GK Consultants will continue to work with students on their learning, school assignments and try to support each of them in terms of organisation, time management and other guidance as needed. Intensive support for IGCSE, A Level, SAT, ACT, AP and IB examinations will continue as we approach crucial dates during these next few months. Homeschooling programmes will continue as before.


    GK Consultants will continue to operate as follows:


    • Students can have their tutorials delivered either in person or by an online learning interface such as Skype or Zoom. Remote methods of teaching and learning work well, and we have used online teaching and learning techniques for many years. Online tutorials are scheduled at the same time as their face-to-face counterparts or can be rescheduled if an alternative time is convenient for the student and the tutor.


    At GK Consultants we are always here to discuss all matters relating to your son’s or your daughter’s education. Just because we are dealing with a health crisis does not mean that education is interrupted – you child’s future is as important today as it ever was.

    We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions and let us all hope that the situation improves soon and we will be able to look back on this current pandemic in terms such as, “Do you remember when……...”

    Best wishes to you all: I, my academic team and administrative team wish you and your family a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2021.


    Gary King


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