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About Us

Personalised Tutoring for Powerful Results

We Inspire Academic Success

GK Consultants is committed to providing the finest possible tutorial support in all aspects of its operations. We guarantee that we will uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and convey a clear message to all our students that honour and integrity are paramount ideals in all academic pursuits.

GK Consultants strives to instill in its students a life-long love of learning and the skills that will gradually increase personal confidence and academic independence. In this regard we will support students in such a way as to allow each student to realise his or her potential and produce his or her own original work to the highest standard attainable. We will not write papers for students nor do graded assignments or take-home tests or examinations. Our expert team of tutors will guide and inspire but never take the actual responsibility of learning and creating away from the student. We believe that all students must feel a complete sense of ownership with respect to any work that has been produced for presentation to a teacher at their mainstream school or college. In this way we are confident that our very positive and mutually supportive relationship with schools, colleges and universities will always continue.

Meet The Founder

Gary King
Gary KingFounder & Executive Director
Gary King was educated in England and was awarded an honours degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University College London. Subsequently he was awarded a postgraduate degree, with distinction, in Mathematics Education from the University of London Institute of Education,. In addition to teaching Mathematics at a large inner-London Comprehensive Secondary School he was also Head of Year and ultimately became the Head of Upper School. Gary moved to New York City in 1983 having been appointed Head of the Mathematics Faculty at the Anglo-American International School. In 1990 he was appointed Chair of the Mathematics Department at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, a position that he held for 10 years.

Seeking to widen his experience as an international educator, Gary moved to Thailand in 2000 to take up the position of Assistant Principal (Curriculum) at the prestigious Bangkok Patana School, the British International School in Thailand. At Patana he supervised the work of 10 Heads of Faculty and directed the academic programme and the strategic development of the curriculum. During his stay in Thailand, Gary also taught mathematics at ISB and was the Director of Professional Development at the Regent’s School Bangkok. Gary established an extremely successful and sought after educational consultancy, King Academics, in New York City in 2007.

Gary’s latest educational initiative is the launching of GK Consultants – Thailand. This exciting project will allow Gary and his outstanding team of administrators and tutors to provide expert academic support services to the Bangkok student community. In addition to sharing his love of mathematics with classes of students and groups of teachers from all over the world, Gary has long been a mathematics tutor of the highest calibre. He firmly believes that the opportunity of having individual instruction can make an enormous difference to a student’s level of understanding and subsequent test performance. Whether a student needs need help with basic algebra,the SAT or AP Calculus, Gary’s wealth of experience and knowledge will enable the student to improve his or her skills, increase his or her confidence and get better grades.

A Message from the Founder

Dear Students, Parents and Educators,

Finding the right private tutor in Bangkok, or indeed any large city, can indeed be a daunting task. There is an immense range from which to choose and it’s hard to know which is the best choice for a particular student. Of course a word-of-mouth recommendation is always useful but not always feasible and a tutor who is good with one student might not be quite as effective with another. In some ways choosing a tutor is a bit like a “Lucky Dip”. My own experience of working with individual students is vast. I find individualised instruction to be immensely rewarding and this is a direct result of having watched so many students realise that they have become much more confident and are now reaping the rewards of academic success. While no-one can absolutely guarantee that a student will be successful after a few lessons, what I can guarantee is that the students with whom I work will begin to recognise that they understand and learn much more quickly and effectively through the personal attention tutoring provides. What have previously been baffling concepts become comfortably within the student’s intellectual grasp. The following points are particularly worthy of note:

To you, the Student:

As a student enrolled at GK Consultants – Thailand you will be given a very special opportunity: that is, you will be assigned to a tutor whose experience in teaching either primary or secondary age students in a one-on-one situation is extensive.
You will be able to forge a student-tutor partnership that will enable you to really enjoy increasing confidence and success.
You will have access to a very experienced and gifted tutor who actually knows how to teach even the most challenging concepts and those in other subjects and disciplines.
You will have fun learning Maths – hard to believe? Believe me, it’s true!
You will take pride and pleasure in learning whichever subject(s) you require tutoring in.
If you are preparing for IGCSE, SAT, ACT, A Level, IB DP, AP Calculus or one of the many other standardised tests, you will be able to reach new levels of achievement by systematically learning a comprehensive range of techniques for each type of question.
You will gain an appreciation for life-long learning – this transportable gift is absolutely priceless!

To you, the Parent:

As a parent whose child is enrolled at GK Consultants – Thailand, you have given your child a wonderful opportunity. You can rest assured that our tutors will give your child, and you, his or her best attention and the benefit of their considerable experience as educational specialists in their respective fields.
Enrolling your child at GK Consultants – Thailand involves your making a substantial investment in your child’s future – and this is something you are already doing! Many parents prefer to make an initial appointment to meet me, the Director, prior to enrolling their child. If I were in your position, I would want do the same, so please call us in order to set up a meeting. There is absolutely no obligation or charge for this initial consultation.
Your child’s tutor will be working regularly through a one-to-one, customised academic programme specifically geared towards enhancing your child’s strengths, addressing your child’s weaknesses and increasing your child’s confidence. The tutor will be available at any mutually convenient time [delete words] to provide you with meaningful feedback on your child’s progress.
Fundamentally, the GK Consultants – Thailand philosophy is that the tutor, your child and you, the parent, are a team engaged in a common pursuit – your child’s academic success achieved by the most efficient and comfortable means possible.

To all of you who have kindly taken the time to read these pages:

Just the very mention of the words “test” or “exam” often strikes fear into the hearts and minds of so many people, young and old alike. Why is this? Well, I don’t think there is one simple answer. It could be the result of a bad experience in a particular class, an unsympathetic teacher at some point in a child’s schooling or the absence of any the opportunity for a student to be taught by someone who not only loves their subject for its own sake [delete comma] but who also wants to impart that love to students.
What I am offering is a chance for every student to put any negative experience that they might have had with their education behind them and take this chance to learn an aspect of the subject with someone who really wants them to have the opportunity to enjoy success.
No matter what a student’s level in a particular subject is, let us show you how to think, understand, learn and present your ideas logically so that you too can begin to learn in the most efficient and effective way possible.
GK Consultants – Thailand is not just a Maths tutoring service. It is an educational organisation that offers tuition in critical reading, creative writing, a wide variety of academic subjects, college application preparation and college and university entrance essay planning and production.
No matter what your learning style or what you perceive to be your learning difficulty, we are here to do whatever it takes to help you to achieve success.
What I promise you is a commitment to your learning, a commitment to your being able feel more confident about your academic progress and test preparation and also a commitment to helping you lose any anxiety you now have so that you can unlock and achieve your full potential in tests, examinations, college/university entrance and studies generally.

Gary King

Executive Director
GK Consultants, Bangkok, Thailand


“Without a doubt, one of the most successful math tutors in New York.”

PAUL BERESFORD-HILL, Director-General, The Mountbatten Institute, New York, formerly Headmaster, The Anglo-American International School, New York, and Headmaster, Bangkok Patana School, The British International School in Thailand.
david morss

“Gary King is a teacher and tutor of mathematics who has extraordinary talent. He teaches his students by immersion; not by lecture but by subtly guiding their every move as they gather the skills and confidence to work effectively and confidently by themselves.”

DAVID MORSS, Dean of Students, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, New York.

“His attention to the needs of students and his ability to make sense out of mathematics makes Gary King a leader in mathematics education.’”

PAUL BERESFORD-HILL, Director-General, The Mountbatten Institute, New York, formerly Headmaster, The Anglo-American International School, New York, and Headmaster, Bangkok Patana School, The British International School in Thailand.
james mchugh

“Gary King has the ability to inspire each of his students to write some of the most interesting and superbly crafted college essays that I have ever read.”

JAMES McHUGH, formerly Academic Dean, International Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator and Head of the English Faculty, The Anglo-American International School, New York. Director of College Counselling, Marymount School, New York

“There are few teachers who can match Gary’s skill in making mathematics both comprehensible and enjoyable.”

PAUL BERESFORD-HILL, Director-General, The Mountbatten Institute, New York, formerly Headmaster, The Anglo-American International School, New York, and Headmaster, Bangkok Patana School, The British International School in Thailand.
testimonial woman

Just wanted to let you know Lucy scored 800 on her Math II subject test. Congratulations to you both, and our thanks to you!

Michael, Linda and Lucy, Senior at Trinity

“Gary King’s track record in enabling students to surpass their expectations on the SAT I and the math SAT II is legendary. There are few who can match his teaching genius.”

PAUL BERESFORD-HILL, Director-General, The Mountbatten Institute, New York, formerly Headmaster, The Anglo-American International School, New York, and Headmaster, Bangkok Patana School, The British International School in Thailand.
testimonial woman

Gary King provided my son with expert math tuition and SAT preparation throughout his high school years. His careful and sustained attention to my son’s particular learning needs allowed John to gradually acquire the skills and confidence that ultimately led to his success as a math student.

Roberta Prada, Parent
testimonial woman

Mr. King gave me the confidence to become successful at algebra – something I never thought I would be able to do.

Ellen, 10th Grade Student
testimonial man

Gary King was instrumental in getting my son from a 650 to a score of 790 on the SAT math – Dan is now at Princeton.

Parent of Princeton Student
testimonial woman

Shelley scored a disastrous 280 on the SAT math. After a few months with Gary King as her tutor she scored a respectable 590 – a score that we never thought could be possible.

Parent of a 12th Grade Student
testimonial man

Mr. King encouraged me do the work I used to dread and with his expert guidance I learned how to do geometric proofs – he told me that each proof tells a story and if I was really interested in how the story turned out then I would have to be able to get to the end of the story by myself –with his help I did just that!

Michael, 10th Grade Student
testimonial woman

I’ve always been lousy at essays and when the timed-essay writing became part of the SAT I thought that I’d never be able to produce anything worthwhile. Well, I was wrong. Mr. King gave me the confidence and the ability to write interesting and focused essays – I can now help other students do the same.

Anna, 12th Grade Student
testimonial man

AP Calculus was a nightmare until my parents agreed to hire Mr. King as my tutor. The nightmare was soon over and I learned how to think and write logically in what I have come to realise is a beautiful academic discipline.

Brad, 12th Grade Student
testimonial woman

I really struggled with Trig. There just seemed to be so many rules and formulas. Mr. King showed me a few simple ways to remember the rules and how to apply them.

Tanya, 11th Grade Student, Your Content Goes Here
testimonial man

My son was always good at math but not so good at math tests. We really thought that this would prevent his being able to get into the school of his choice. We hired Mr. King and were absolutely delighted when Stephen got accepted to Stuyvesant.

Parent, 9th Grade Student at Stuyvesant High School
testimonial woman

When my two sons moved to New York City my older son needed a Spanish Language tutor and an ACT tutor and my younger son needed a Biology tutor. We found GK Consultants by doing a Google Search and Gary King was able to provide us with tutors who really knew how to teach. These were not just recent college graduates but highly qualified education professionals who had school classroom experience and an excellent knowledge of their respective disciplines. The ACT tutor was extremely gifted in all sections of the ACT and improved my older son’s score well beyond our expectations. Gary kept a close eye on my sons’ progress and called me from time to time just to ask how things were going. What GK Consultants was able to give us was the perfect solution for my sons’ academic support.

Louise Johnson, Parent, New York City
testimonial woman

Moving to Bangkok was an upheaval for my family to say the least. Both my son and daughter had attended the Dwight School when we lived in New York. In Bangkok Caitlin attended the Bangkok Patana School and James attended ISB. The transition from one school system to another was very stressful for both my children and then Gary King was recommended to us. Gary’s knowledge of the American, British and International systems of education proved to be invaluable. His systematic and immensely caring approach coupled with an infectious sense of humour put both my children at ease from their very first lessons. Caitlin was tutored in IGCSE maths and James was tutored for the SAT – verbal, wring and maths. This was indeed a success story. Caitlin is now at the University of Sussex, UK and James is at the New School, New York University, USA.

Karen Morley, Parent of Caitlin (Bangkok Pattana) and James (ISB)
testimonial woman

Gary King and his academic team at GK Consultants were able to quickly bring my daughter up to speed with mathematics strategies that were needed to pass her IB examinations. She had been failing and, in the process, it was obvious that there were major gaps in her mathematical knowledge that her expensive international school had ignored.
Thanks to Gary’s care and expertise, my daughter’s mathematics improved to a level that gained her entry to a leading Australian university’s bridging course.
GK Consultants isn’t a quick, cheap fix. Gary and his team provide a valuable service in ensuring your child is equipped to meet his or her full potential. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this premium service.

Margot Towie, Parent, Bangkok, Thailand
testimonial woman

Our son, Uno, currently attends Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok. Since he has been tutored by Mr. Gary King he has shown significant improvement in mathematics. He now has the ability to solve problems in a much more systematic and logical way that he was able to do 2 years ago. He has also developed the confident to explain his solutions to problems which indicate a much deeper understanding than he hitherto had. In addition to mathematics tutoring, Mr. Gary has provided Uno with guided counselling for his application to Brighton College School in England. Under Mr. Gary’s guidance Uno was able to produce an excellent personal statement and also presented himself at interview with much more confidence. We are delighted to announce that Uno has been accepted to Brighton College and will be joining Year 9 in August 2018. Uno really enjoys every class with Mr. Gary and we look forward to Uno receiving additional support from GK Consultants during the coming years.

Khun Em, Parent of Uno,Year 8, Shrewsbury International School
testimonial man

My IB Mathematical Studies result was very poor and in order to get into the university of my choice I really needed a tutor to help me. Mr. King was recommended to me and I took private lessons with him during the three months leading up to my retake of the exam. One aspect of the lessons with Mr. King that was so invaluable to me was his ability to help me navigate through the very “wordy” IB Maths Studies questions. My formal English just wasn’t very good but Mr. King knew just how to teach a student whose first language is not English. Not only did my maths improve but my English improved so much. My Maths Studies grade improved and I was finally accepted by Warwick University, UK. I am very grateful to Mr. King for helping me to achieve success and for giving me so much more confidence in my abilities.

Nakorn, Student, Bangkok, Thailand

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      Covid-19 Update 😷

      Covid-19: Tutorial Procedures

      Just recently the Covid-19 situation has become increasingly worse once again and obviously worrying for all of us. Schools are closed or likely to be closed and will be offering online learning to supplement and replace all classroom teaching, homework assignments, examination preparation and project work. We here at GK Consultants will continue to work with students on their learning, school assignments and try to support each of them in terms of organisation, time management and other guidance as needed. Intensive support for IGCSE, A Level, SAT, ACT, AP and IB examinations will continue as we approach crucial dates during these next few months. Homeschooling programmes will continue as before.


      GK Consultants will continue to operate as follows:


      • Students can have their tutorials delivered either in person or by an online learning interface such as Skype or Zoom. Remote methods of teaching and learning work well, and we have used online teaching and learning techniques for many years. Online tutorials are scheduled at the same time as their face-to-face counterparts or can be rescheduled if an alternative time is convenient for the student and the tutor.


      At GK Consultants we are always here to discuss all matters relating to your son’s or your daughter’s education. Just because we are dealing with a health crisis does not mean that education is interrupted – you child’s future is as important today as it ever was.

      We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions and let us all hope that the situation improves soon and we will be able to look back on this current pandemic in terms such as, “Do you remember when……...”

      Best wishes to you all: I, my academic team and administrative team wish you and your family a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2021.


      Gary King


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