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Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP)

The College Board

Get Your Advanced Placement (AP)

What is AP?

AP is the acronym for ‘Advanced Placement’. AP coursework and exams are developed and administered by and include 35 courses and exams in 20 subject areas.

AP® or the Advanced Placement Programme consists of a rigorous one year college/university level course in a specific subject. Each course is usually, but not exclusively, undertaken in the senior year (Grade 12 or Year 13) and the external examination is taken in May of that year.

AP Grading

The examinations are scored on a five point scale, with 5 being the highest mark attainable. The course work in a given subject is generally equivalent to a first year college course. As a result, a student who achieves a 4 or 5 is usually permitted to skip the corresponding course as a freshman in college. Administered by the College Board, the AP program is guided by a panel of expert educators from around the U.S.A. This program prepares students for the rigors of college level work. May of that year.

AP Courses

Subjects offered include:

★ Art History

★ Chemistry

★ English (Language Course & Literature Course)

★ French

★ Human Geography

★ Music Theory

★ Spanish

★ U.S. History


★ Biology

Computer Science

★ Environmental Science

★ German

★ International English Language (APIEL)

★ Physics


★ World History


Calculus AB & BC

★ Economics (Macroeconomics Courses & Microeconomics Course)

★ European History

★ Government and Politics

★ Latin

★ Psychology

★ Studio Art

College Credits and AP Scholar Awards

Each college or university in the United States sets its own admissions requirements. Good scores in AP coursework indicate to admissions staff that a student has achieved a recognized standard in that subject area. Most schools will accept scores of 3 or above as the equivalent of their introductory or first year courses in the same subject area. Consult university Web sites for details.
The College Board offers a series of 8 Scholar Awards which recognise outstanding scores in AP examinations.

Advanced Placement International Diploma

In order to earn the Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID) students must earn a grade of 3 or higher in five specified subjects. One of these subjects must be chosen from the AP global course offerings: AP World History, AP Human Geography, or AP Government and Politics: Comparative.
The APID is the College Board’s answer to the IB’s international cachet and acceptance. It is aimed at students studying abroad and American students who wish to attend university in a foreign country.

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