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Why Business English Education?

As the international language of business, English is a necessity for any individual or firm looking to break into the increasingly interconnected global scene.

Through our courses, we offer the best, most experienced ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers with a specific focus on the language of business. Whether the subject is formal greetings, icebreakers (small talk), or more advanced jargon related to the business industry, we equip our students with the skills to present themselves as true professionals to clients and partners.

Our Teachers

Never before has speaking a single language, English, been so critical to the success of a business, large or small. As national borders continue to open up to international firms and business opportunities develop, so does the need for English – described as the “lingua franca”, or adopted language, of the modern world.

To summarize, learning English is an absolute necessity for your professional growth — we provide that growth to our clients.

Globalization as a Driving Force

Because the quality of instruction matters more, we only employ teachers who have a proven record of achieving results with students, proper accreditation and licensing to teach business English, and the enthusiasm to transfer their skills to you, the students.

Not only are our teachers native – they have also earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited North American, British, Australian, New Zealand, or South African university as well as a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) or CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from a licensed organization.

Given our focus on hiring the most qualified teachers, our selection process is highly competitive – we take only a small percentage of candidates for our program.

Aside from the important aspect of English proficiency and professional teaching credentials, another factor we consider for potential instructors is irreplaceable real-world experience in international business. Many of our teachers have extensive backgrounds in marketing, entrepreneurship, investment banking/finance, and other areas of international business.

Our Courses

We concentrate on producing the maximum results in the time we have to teach our students.

Upon finish our courses, students will have developed significant business writing and reading abilities including drafting letters, memos, emails, speeches, essays and more.

In addition to useful writing and reading talents, the course graduate will also benefit from new business English speaking skill including introductions/formalities, speech presentation, interactions with customers, non-verbal communication in the Western/international business norms, negotiation skills, and business vocabulary specific to their area of interest.

We understand that many of our students enrol in our courses to prepare for successful business English exams like TOEIC. Our teachers are well versed in these exams – after completing our courses, graduates will possess the tools to master these tests.

Proven Results

We have trained employees of some of the most well-known and elite international corporations, as well as entrepreneurs. Whether our clients work for big-name companies operating on a global scale or entrepreneurs looking to break into the global scene, our clients emerge from our courses into the competitive international markets ready to impress, thrive, and ultimately succeed.

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We are ready to discuss in detail everything we offer to our clients who benefit from the high-quality, high-output business English instruction we offer. When you enroll in our course, our guarantee to you is that our institution will go the extra mile to ensure that the instruction you receive from our qualified, energetic teachers helps you make the most of your career as you advance and climb up the business ladder.

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