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GK Consultants offers students comprehensive guidance and counselling services as they begin to prepare for the next stage of their academic career after high school. All too often guidance counsellors and careers officers in schools have so many students to advise that they cannot possibly give the individual attention that each student needs to help them through the arduous process of college and university applications. We offer customised programmes for individual and Small Groups of students in the following areas:

  • We work with each student to research appropriate degree programmes that give each student the necessary guidance for  choosing those academic institutions that are most appropriate for their future needs and aspirations. We can assist you with the UCAS application for entry into UK universities and the challenging task of listing your “top 5” choices. For US college and university entry we can assist you with the Common Application and all the other aspects required to produce an outstanding application. We run Seminars to help students through the exacting process of selecting appropriate degree programmes from the thousands that are available. We also help students with non-standard applications that are required by some universities that are not part of the Common Application process. We offer specialist help with Oxford and Cambridge applications and assist those students who have set their sights on the “Ivy League” universities.
  • We will produce a Timeline for each student so that he or she is not only aware of all that must be accomplished by certain dates but also feels confident that the process is moving forward at an appropriate pace.
  • We offer preparation and guidance in writing the “Personal Statement” – perhaps the most difficult part of the application process. Please note that GK Consultants does not write personal statements for students. We provide expert guidance that will enable each student to write their own statement that is an accurate reflection of who they are and what they hope to become as a result of their undergraduate study. At the end of this process it is absolutely vital that a student feels that the personal statement is their own and that it is representative of themselves as a person and as a worthy applicant.
  • Academic Tutoring in individual subjects at A Level, IB (individual subjects, Internal Assessments and the Extended Essay), and AP. We also offer expert coaching for the SAT (including the SAT Subject Tests) and the ACT. If you are not sure whether to take the SAT or the ACT we will help you choose the test that is the best fit for you. In addition to these customised programmes of study we offer coaching for specialist examinations such as BMAT, STEP, LNAT, UKMAT to name but a few.

  • Interview Skills course. GK Consultants will design a programme just for you that will build your confidence and enable to present yourself at interview in the best possible light. We design sample questions that we have produced as a result of many years of asking students what they were asked at interview. We offer role play activities that increase each student’s confidence and ensure that they will not be caught “off guard” by a question that they have not anticipated. It is so important that our students know what to say and even more importantly, “what not to say”.
  • Work Experience and Community Service are very important parts of every student’s academic portfolio. GK Consultants will advise students on the kinds of activities that will provide them with the best possible supplements to their academic portfolio.

Many of our students select an academic tutorial package that includes all the above elements.  Whether you are studying Advanced Levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or a selection of Advanced Placement courses, we can offer you the support you need. In addition to our one-on-one tutorials we offer Small Group (from 2 to 5 students) Tutorials for those students who have similar goals and wish to enjoy the student-student interaction that a group provides. The Small Group Tutorials also provide expert teaching at a significantly lower cost than that of individual tuition. Currently we have groups who are studying SAT, IB Biology Higher Level, AP Calculus BC, and IB Mathematics Higher Level.

We are often asked to provide courses that are not offered in schools. Most recently we have offered complete courses in AP Calculus BC. Whether you wish to study such a course in a one-on-one situation or as part of a Small Group, GK Consultants can deliver the course you need.

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