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Dynamic English has a proven methodology for enabling your child to speak English with increasing confidence in a relatively short period of time. This is quite simply the single best gift you can give your child.

Samuel Bradley is a highly experienced teacher of English as a Second Language and has successfully enabled many children to happily want to express themselves in English and to willingly engage with other children as a result of increased self-confidence. He has achieved this by using board games – not the board games that you remember as a child such as Monopoly or Scrabble, but newly designed, highly innovative and modern board games that have been designed over the past 10 years. The games are fun, engaging, and academic. There is science behind the use of board games in education, where cooperation, empathy, and communication teach children how to wait their turn, negotiate with their teammates, and even how to win and lose graciously. Samuel continues to perfect his art and uses board games in all his classes, for all age groups and class sizes.  This technique is incredibly effective for all learners of the English language.

Here are 9 key reasons why we use board games in the Dynamic English classroom.

Board Games:

1. Reduce teacher talking time by putting the focus on student interactions.
2. Encourage healthy competition between classmates, which helps build solid relationships.
3. Build vocabulary and improve spelling skills through structured activities.
4. Reinforce material through structured practice.
5. Encourage students to work through challenges.
6. Provide ample speaking opportunities as students work together to solve each game.
7. Provide a break from traditional lesson structure and teaching techniques.
8. Encourage students to have fun – which in turn reduces stress.
9. Encourage creative and strategic thinking.

Dynamic English does all these things and more because your child will be in a much smaller class size than the one they are in at school. Each child has much more focussed attention from the teacher. Pronunciation, correct sentence structure and use of vocabulary are all developed by an experienced teacher who knows how to get the best from each child in his care.

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