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Hire a Tutor in New York – Why, When, Where

Hire a Tutor in New York – Why, When, Where (1)

Hire a Tutor in New York – Why, When, Where

There is a certain stigma that surrounds hiring a private tutor in New York, in that either you are failing as a parent or that your child is failing as a student. Both assumptions are entirely incorrect. The fact of the matter is, there are many reasons to hire a tutor, and a great number of benefits too.

Some children are incredibly gifted, but struggle to learn in a group environment. Often the most creative among us tend to easily become distracted, particularly when entertaining others is so much fun! However, when it comes to succeeding in school and getting the best possible grades, it sometimes helps certain individuals to have a dedicated tutor to give them that little boost they need absent distraction. It doesn’t mean that they are less capable. More often than not, hiring a private tutor can help children to come out of their shell and enjoy the learning experience.

If you are in New York and you are considering hiring a tutor for your child or for yourself, then this is the article for you. We’re going to look at Hiring a tutor in New York; the when, the why, and the where!

Why hire a tutor in New York?

So, why should you hire a tutor?

·      Personalised learning experience: With the average American classroom having over twenty-five students, each of which have different learning needs and capabilities, it can be difficult to ensure that your child is getting the attention that they deserve. One of the main advantages of hiring a private tutor in New York is that your child can benefit from a personalised learning experience, thus focusing on the areas in which they are struggling most.

·      More attention spent on mastering the basics: Even if your child misses only one particular class due to absence, where their fellow students covered the basics of a particular subject, it can send them into a spiral. Whether they are embarrassed to ask because their classmates are ahead, or because the teacher hasn’t properly brought them up to speed, having a private tutor can allow your child to spend more attention on mastering the basics that they might otherwise be struggling with.

·      Efficient learning: Every child has a unique learning style and with a private tutor they can take part in tailor-made lessons that play to their individual comprehension qualities.

·      Additional discipline: Having a private tutor to spend extra time teaching your child can work wonders for their discipline – particularly when it comes to sustained effort and revision.

·      Develop a passion for learning: When a child struggles with a particular subject at school they can begin to doubt themselves and feel as though they aren’t smart enough to succeed. This can be dangerous and negatively impact their future – and the worst part is that it might simply come down to the fact that their teacher is underqualified and/or uninspiring. However, with a dedicated, highly-qualified and experienced private tutor, they can reinforce the positive aspects of learning and re-build your child’s confidence when it comes to their education.

·      Be honest about their weaknesses (and strengths): Some children are too shy to ask questions in class and this can send them lagging even further behind. In a one on one scenario however, a child will be far more confident embracing their weaknesses and asking the appropriate questions. In addition, a private tutor can spend more time with your child and help them recognise their strengths and then further build on that in the future.

·      Better performance in co-curricular activities: Hiring a private tutor in New York can also help your child grow into more of an all-rounder at school. With a specialised tutor’s help your child can explore other professional training areas, such as music or art. Additionally, with a better structured system of learning, rather than spending hours struggling alone on homework, they can learn to manage their time more efficiently and dedicate the extra time saved to their other passions.

When is the best time to hire a tutor in New York?

When is the best time to hire a tutor in New York? This largely depends on your child’s situation and individual requirements. If your child has been struggling at school and is falling behind on their grades, then that is generally a good time to seek out a private tutor for assistance.

Other appropriate times include during the run up to important examinations, such as their SATs, ACTs or Advanced Placement.

Even if your child isn’t particularly struggling at school, hiring a private tutor can still be highly beneficial to their further education.

Additionally, if you have a hectic work-home life balance and you could do with an extra hour to focus on yourself or other household chores, having a private tutor occupy your child for a short period of time can give you a much-needed break.

Where can you find the best tutor in New York?

At GK Consultants, we provide a superior private tutoring service in New York. Here’s what you need to know: “GK Consultants is committed to providing the finest possible tutorial support in all aspects of its operations. We guarantee that we will uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and convey a clear message to all our students, that honour and integrity are paramount ideals in all academic pursuits.”



Again, don’t panic or start falling into the line of thinking that perhaps you are failing your child because they are struggling at school. Some of the most successful people in the world had a difficult time with learning at school. The fact is that everyone has their own individual style and often the most gifted children can struggle to find their place. However, with a little help and guidance from a dedicate private tutor, they might just thrive!

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