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English Language Tutors

English Language Tutors

Whether your child is struggling to grasp the fundamentals of English language or they’re exceling and require more advanced tutelage, GK Consultants can accommodate you. We can provide support for children of all ages, from Pre-School age children, through Primary, Middle School, High School, IGCSE, IB PYP, IB MYP, IB DP, A Level, and AP.

Please note that our customised courses are for International GCSE and AS level courses in Language and not to be mistaken for a Second Language or ESOL course. These language courses focus more on how the English Language functions across a variety of different situations and how it continually evolves and develops over time. In particular, your children will be focusing on how meaning is shaped through both speech and writing. They will learn about the ways in which structural and language techniques shape and direct the impact that text has on a reader and how things like tension and suspension can be developed using punctuation; the effects of metaphors with regards to visualising a person or object, and the way in which functions like repetition can reinforce certain themes and ideas.

In a nutshell, our English language tutors can help your children to understand the scientific nature of language in segments, for example: Syntax, Morphology, Phonology.

Why Hire an English Language Tutor?

So, why hire an English language tutor? Again, there can be any number of reason for needing the assistance and support of a qualified English language tutor:

  • If your child is struggling in school and falling behind: If your child is falling behind with their performance, having the extra-curricular support can give them a boost.
  • If your child is exceling and requires more advanced tutelage: If your child feels as though they are breezing school and would like more of a challenge, our tutors can provide advanced learning opportunities for further education.
  • Help your child to develop key skills: English language is an important subject that will be very handy later in life so having a firmer grasp of it will be of great benefit.
  • To be able to work on a subject they are struggling with absent embarrassment: It can be traumatic for children who are struggling with a subject that their classmates may otherwise be thriving with – as such, being able to get some extra support and attention behind closed doors can help build their confidence.
  • Receive thorough and more detailed feedback: In general, teachers do not have the time to explain their marking in great detail to every student – particularly when teaching 20-30 children at a time. In a one to one environment our tutors can provide your child with the feedback they need to progress.
  • Improved focus: Some children can struggle to learn in a large group environment with so many distractions. If your child is easily distracted, then working in private on a one to one basis can be highly beneficial for them.
  • Our tutors make learning fun: English language is a wonderful subject but not all children feel the same way. However, our tutors are very fun and creative with the way they deliver their subjects and may be able to inspire your child to enjoy the learning experience even more.
  • Tailored to your child: Our English Language tutors can offer you the best in customised learning programmes that will guide you or your child through what they need to know for their age group and beyond. Whether the student is struggling with English or is a gifted and talented learner who needs an extended curriculum – GK Consultants can provide it all.

How to find the right English Language Tutor for your child?

So, how can you find the right English language tutor for your child? Here are some factors to consider before rushing in and making a final decision:

  • Carefully consider your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and requirements
  • Experience and qualifications
  • Decide whether online or in person is best for your child
  • Consider an agency over an individual tutor (particularly if they can provide references and proven results)
  • Do you want regular progress reports?
  • What type of pro and post assessment will your child receive? (if any)

If you would like to explore our services further, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to discuss your needs in detail. Our qualified and energetic tutors can help make a big difference in your child’s educational career.

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