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These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of GK Consultants, our programmes and our approach to tutoring. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics. If you require more information or would like to discuss your needs in a personalised consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of remote tutoring? 2020-08-19T13:48:30+07:00

Academic success

It is not a secret that most students who receive tuition perform better in course work and exams than they would have if they had not received tutoring.

Remote tutoring increases the responsibility a student needs to take as exercises cannot be copied or shared with peers.

As a result, students have to work on tasks themselves and therefore increase their understanding of the subject at hand, ultimately leading to better grades.


Individual attention

Every person has a different learning style. A qualified tutor will work to accommodate a student’s individual learning style so they can build confidence and help them become less intimidated by exams.

It is a great way to offer students more support on subjects in which they might not be as confident, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask questions they were not able to ask in class.

An experienced tutor will create a stress-free environment where students can learn and express themselves without the fear of failure.

Ease of accessibility

Provided both the student and the tutor have a stable internet connection, remote tuition can take place from anywhere and by mutual arrangement with the tutor at any time.

Tutor availability

Most tutors hold academic degrees in the field they tutor and have an in-depth knowledge of their subject.

Using technology students can text message, e-mail or call tutors as and when they feel the need to do so.

This of course needs to be arranged with tutors individually, but in general it is common practice.

Regular feedback on Academic Progress

A remote tutor can provide parents regular feedback on the performance of their children as well as identify areas that need to be improved.

Some parents find this service crucial to the relationship between a tutor and the family. It not only gives a closer and more in-depth indication on how their child is performing but also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of remote tuition.

Why do I need remote tuition? 2020-08-19T13:45:45+07:00

Tuition has always been an important part of the education systems worldwide.

GK Consultants has tutored a wide range of international students from young aspiring actors and performers to the children of those parents who just want to enable their children to improve. We work with tutors who have a passion for education plus a strong academic background. Our tutors include qualified and experienced teachers from many of the best universities in the world.

Given the current circumstances related to Covid-19, social distancing and uncertainty on exam procedures, remote tuition has become even more important in helping towards academic success.

What IGCSE, A-Level and IB students are currently facing is great uncertainty – when will teachers have to submit IGCSE grades, which grades will be given based on the work students provided so far? These are tough questions indeed at this crucial stage

Some of the grades will be awarded with work that students will need to submit from a distance if schools do not reopen.

That is why it is important for students to continue working hard and have a point of contact with whom they can consult if a subject topic isn’t fully understood.

Remote tutoring is also important for students whose predicted grades have not reflected their true potential.

These students need to study especially hard in the time between now and when final grades are submitted.

With the help of a remote tutor, families can consolidate the work a student has been doing via distant learning and bridge any gaps that might occur.

A qualified and experienced tutor will also be able to identify areas of improvement for students which they can work on together.

Finally, with students being at home and having more time, remote tutoring can also open new subject areas for students such as Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Languages, Coding, to name but a few.

Is there a difference between remote or online tutoring? 2020-08-19T14:21:38+07:00

Remote and online tutoring facilitate tuition using the latest computer technology.

Even though the terms online and remote are often used interchangeably, in the education world online tutoring is defined to be when educational software is used to provide educational support. It is often tailored to the specific needs of a student. It is often used for teaching languages, offering both verbal and non-verbal comprehension practice.


Remote tuition is a ‘live’, albeit a remote, activity with screen sharing between a tutor and a student using an online video chat service such as Skype and Zoom. It is essentially ‘one on one’ tutoring done remotely through the delivery channel.

Whilst online tuition can be beneficial for a student’s improvement in understanding a particular subject, remote tuition, in our experience, gives better results in the long term.

SAT or ACT – I want to go to college in the US but don’t know which test to take. Can you advise please? 2019-11-27T04:27:12+07:00

Yes. Please make an appointment to meet with our Director, Mr. Gary King. He is an expert on these two standardise tests and will help you make the most informed decision as to which is the right test for you. We offer both SAT and ACT courses at GK Consultants

AP (Advanced Placement) – I want to study AP Calculus BC but my school only offers Calculus AB. Can you help? 2019-11-27T04:26:18+07:00

Yes. We have often supported students who wish to study the BC Calculus course. Mr. King, our Director, offers BC Calculus as one of his specialist subjects. Students who have studies this course with us in the past usually attend two 2-hour tutorials for the whole academic year in order to complete the course and practise past papers during the month leading to the actual BC examination.

A Level – Do you offer A Level Further Mathematics and also Politics? 2019-11-27T04:25:01+07:00

Yes. We can offer support in most of the major subjects. Many of our tutors are currently or have recently been teachers and Heads of Department in International Schools. They are experts in their respective fields of study.

IGCSE – What subjects to you offer support in and which examination board specifications are your tutors familiar with. 2019-11-27T04:28:17+07:00

We can offer tutorial programmes in most subjects. GK Consultants has a wide variety of professional tutors in its team who are experienced teachers and who are familiar with Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA to name the most common examination boards. We not only teach content but also examination techniques and strategies.

IB (International Baccalaureate) – do you offer specialist tutoring in IB subjects and additional support for IAs (Internal Assessments) and the EE (Extended Essay? 2019-11-27T04:23:16+07:00

Yes, to all the above. We are very familiar with the IB and the assessment criteria that students and teachers must be aware of in order to have the opportunity of obtaining the highest grades. In addition to one-to-one tutorials we offer study sessions for small groups (usually 2-6) students at the weekends. Students organise the groups from amongst their friends and tell the tutor in advance which particular topics they would like to work on.

What are the advantages of private tutoring? 2018-04-04T12:35:30+07:00

Private one-to-one tutoring is unquestionably the most effective form of academic instruction, provided that the tutor is an experienced and successful teacher and the student has a genuine desire to learn and be successful. The following points are particularly worthy of note when seeking a private tutor in Bangkok:

  • Each student has a caring and gifted teacher to work with them in a one-on-one tutorial context.
  • Students can schedule homework and meals around the times reserved for their private tuition.
  • Teaching and learning takes place in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment where a student will feel at ease.
  • Immediate feedback can be given to the student and regular feedback can be relayed to parents as well.
Why is private tutoring so expensive? 2018-04-04T12:35:52+07:00

There is no question that private tutoring can be very costly and GK Consultants is certainly not inexpensive. However when one compares this cost to that of a similar professional service in the legal or medical field, one appreciates that all high quality provision entails commensurate fee levels. By electing to employ the services of GK Consultants, you are buying a first class product. Fundamentally one has to ask, “Am I receiving value for money?” GK Consultants is confident that your answer to that question will be a resounding “Yes!” It is also worth noting that a significant number of tutorial services in New York City charge in the $400 – $1000 per hour fee range while one tutoring company in Bangkok charges 4000 THB per hour for individual tutoring.

What qualities should I look for in a private tutor? 2018-04-03T04:23:00+07:00

A private tutor must have bona fide professional qualifications demonstrating that their bearer is a successful teacher. Those qualifications must be relevant to the subjects or courses being offered for instruction. Even more importantly the tutor must have a successful record of instruction both in the classroom and as a private tutor.

What sets GK Consultants apart from other tutoring services? 2018-04-03T04:23:37+07:00

GK Consultants is a learning institution specialising in one-to-one academic tuition. Gary King has tutored students on both sides of the Atlantic and in Asia for more than twenty years. His vast experience of teaching Mathematics both in the classroom and to individual students is second to none and his ability to make even the most baffling concepts comprehensible is the secret to his students’ success. In addition to Mathematics, GK Consultants offers comprehensive tutoring for the SAT, ACT, AP and many other standardised tests. The company also offers expert guidance in the planning and production of college entrance essays.

In setting up GK Consultants Mr King has assembled the finest group of professional tutors that any tutoring company could possibly have. Other tutoring institutions often employ college graduates who have little or no experience of teaching. All our tutors are highly qualified with a proven record of excellence in teaching students of all abilities and ages.

Why might my child need a GK Consultants tutor? 2012-11-27T14:43:24+07:00

Do you feel that your child is not achieving his or her full academic potential? Are his or her grades lower that you expected? Does your child’s teacher indicate a lack of focus in class, poor test performance or an inability to articulate logical reasoning? Or are there other performance-related factors that concern you? Has your child asked for a tutor and given you good reasons why? If any of the foregoing concerns are relevant to your situation, a suitable GK Consultants tutor should be able to address all the issues in question and help your child overcome the relevant problems and thus improve his/her performance and academic grades(s). tutor Bangkok

Suppose the GK Consultants tutor’s teaching methods are different to those being used by my child’s mainstreamschool teacher.

Your GK Consultants tutor will always be willing to contact and liaise with your child’s mainstream school teacher in order to ensure a co-ordinated approach to the learning issues that need to be addressed. Your GK Consultants tutor will endeavour to support the student by explaining the concepts and ensuring that the student understands the methods being followed in class.

My child has a learning disability. What expertise do GK Consultants tutors have in this area? 2018-04-03T04:24:25+07:00

All our tutors have considerable experience in supporting students with learning issues such as dyslexia, concentration and focusing difficulties, examination-related anxiety, adverse classroom dynamics and negative peer pressure. They not only endeavour to tailor their teaching to the maximum extent to each student’s individual needs but also work in consultation with any learning specialist who already has knowledge of your child’s particular learning profile.

My child suffers from test anxiety. How can a GK Consultants tutor help? 2018-04-03T04:25:25+07:00

Test anxiety can result from a variety of factors. Usually it occurs as a result of insecurity with the subject matter. By showing a student how to verbalise thought processes required in solving a particular problem, the student will gradually gain the confidence necessary for being able to translate these thought processes into logically presented written statements leading to a correct solution.

Does GK Consultants offer tutoring to small groups of students? 2018-04-03T04:26:01+07:00

Usually the answer to this question is “No”, simply because students have different issues that need to be addressed, and the best way to address these issues effectively is in a one-to-one tutoring situation. However if a small group of students in the same Mathematics group at school or preparing for the same standardised test would like to have group lessons, each application will be considered by GK Consultants on its respective merits. The students in such a small group should be of similar ability and be willing to be mutually supportive. The charge for each individual student in a group session is based on a sliding scale that decreases with increasing student numbers. A group should contain no more than seven students. All students and their parents will still receive individual feedback and the GK Consultants trademark personal touch will still be visible at all times.

What is GK Consultants’s opinion on the use of calculators? 2018-04-03T04:26:38+07:00

A calculator, particularly a graphing calculator, can be a wonderful mathematical tool when students are taught to use it in the correct way. Many standardised tests such as the ACT, SAT, SAT II and AP Calculus require the use of calculators for certain types of questions. The tutors at GK Consultants are stalwart proponents of the use of technology and learning by investigation. A scientific or graphing calculator can provide an essential mechanism for many innovative approaches to learning.

Does GK Consultants offer tuition for critical reading and timed essay writing? 2018-04-03T04:27:19+07:00

Yes! In addition to providing Mathematics tuition we also provide tuition for the critical reading and timed essay writing sections of the SAT. A variety of other standardised tests are also part of our academic prospectus. We have expanded our programme to include these elements of standardised tests because so many students and their parents asked us if that might be possible: they didn’t want to hire yet another tutor. Gary King and his team of tutors have acquired considerable experience in helping students prepare for a wide range of standardized tests and have gained considerable success with the essential strategies required for the critical reading and the timed essay writing aspects of these tests.

Please watch this space for exciting future developments!

My son really needs some guidance with his college essay. How can a GK Consultants tutor help? 2012-07-31T03:51:42+07:00

We have helped literally hundreds of students over the years with their college entrance essays, where this is allowed. Our tutors give each student the confidence to produce the main ideas and framework for their essay. They help each student plan and compose an essay that will reflect the thoughts, sentiments and style of that individual. The final essay will be the student’s own product – not one that has been written for the student. The tutor will simply guide each student through the process and allow them to have the freedom and exhibit the creativity to formulate an essay that will make each reader want to know much more about its author. private tutoring bangkok

Does GK Consultants have any plans to expand its academic portfolio? 2012-07-31T03:51:13+07:00

GK Consultants already offers an extensive range of academic and standardised testing options. In Phase II of its operations, GK Consultants will offer an expanded range of tuition in academic subjects and an even greater variety of standardised testing alternatives. The finest tutors available will undergo an exacting and exhaustive interview process. The successful few who make it through to the final stage of the hiring process will then be personally trained by Gary King to enable them to carry out the mission, apply the philosophy and enact the teaching and learning objectives of GK Consultants. Gary King has extensive international experience in interviewing, hiring and training educators, and it is this expertise that will enable GK Consultants always to maintain our status as “Simply the Best!” tutor bangkok

What guarantees do I have that my child will be successful as a result of GK Consultants tutoring? 2018-04-03T04:28:05+07:00

At GK Consultants every child is guaranteed the finest tutoring that it is possible to find anywhere. Every child is an individual with unique learning needs and the programme and strategies that we will develop for your child will certainly carry the best likelihood of success.

I have other questions that you do not address here – can you help? 2018-04-03T04:21:11+07:00

Absolutely! Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. Please visit our Contact Us page for details or fill in the form below to schedule a free consultation.

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      Covid-19 Update 😷

      Covid-19: Tutorial Procedures

      Just recently the Covid-19 situation has become increasingly worse once again and obviously worrying for all of us. Schools are closed or likely to be closed and will be offering online learning to supplement and replace all classroom teaching, homework assignments, examination preparation and project work. We here at GK Consultants will continue to work with students on their learning, school assignments and try to support each of them in terms of organisation, time management and other guidance as needed. Intensive support for IGCSE, A Level, SAT, ACT, AP and IB examinations will continue as we approach crucial dates during these next few months. Homeschooling programmes will continue as before.


      GK Consultants will continue to operate as follows:


      • Students can have their tutorials delivered either in person or by an online learning interface such as Skype or Zoom. Remote methods of teaching and learning work well, and we have used online teaching and learning techniques for many years. Online tutorials are scheduled at the same time as their face-to-face counterparts or can be rescheduled if an alternative time is convenient for the student and the tutor.


      At GK Consultants we are always here to discuss all matters relating to your son’s or your daughter’s education. Just because we are dealing with a health crisis does not mean that education is interrupted – you child’s future is as important today as it ever was.

      We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions and let us all hope that the situation improves soon and we will be able to look back on this current pandemic in terms such as, “Do you remember when……...”

      Best wishes to you all: I, my academic team and administrative team wish you and your family a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2021.


      Gary King


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