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History Tutors

History Tutors

Is your child falling behind with their History studies? Or perhaps they are exceling rather well and need advanced tutelage. Whatever the case, at GK Consultants, we can provide support from IGCSE, IB DP, through to A Level and beyond.

Or perhaps you are personally seeking out a private History tutor to help you with an Advanced Placement (Comparative Government and Politics, European History, US Government and Politics, US History, World History: Modern).

In any case, History is a vast area of study and learning and we have tutors who can support you or your child in the history of whatever region of the world or timeframe is needed.

Our history specialists will offer all of the necessary support throughout the course, right up to the examinations to make sure that their students are prepared and have the confidence to do their very best.

Why Hire a History Tutor?

So, why should you hire a History tutor? Is it really worth your time? Here’s everything you need to know about how hiring a History tutor through GK Consultants can benefit your child:

  • If your child is falling behind in History: If your child is having difficult with their History studies and is apprehensive about their exams, then one of our History Tutors can help them get to where they need to be.
  • If your child requires advanced learning in History: If your child is doing especially well in History and would like more advanced learning, then one of our dedicated History tutors can assist them.
  • Help to develop key skills: Your child can develop their key skills in History with the assistance and support of a dedicated History tutor.
  • Work on History with more confidence: If your child has been falling behind significantly with History they may not have the confidence to participate properly in class. If this is the case, learning on a one to one basis with a dedicated History tutor can give them the confidence to learn absent fear of embarrassment.
  • Receive more detailed feedback: Our qualified History tutors can provide your child with more informative feedback in order to help them better understand where they are going wrong and learn how to correct those mistakes effectively.
  • Improve focus: If your child struggles to concentrate in a group learning environment, hiring a qualified History tutor to provide them with one on one support may help them to focus and retain more information.
  • A fun learning experience: Our History tutors are highly qualified and have significant practice with delivering a fun and engaging learning experience. This means that your child can get more enjoyment out of their studies.
  • Individually tailored History courses: Depending on where your child is at with their progression in History, our qualified tutors can tailor the class to their specific needs.

How to find a suitable History Tutor for your child?

Are you struggling to find a suitable History tutor to assist your child in their studies? Here are some things to consider to help you along with making your decision and finding the appropriate support:

  • What are your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and requirements?
  • What experience and qualifications does the tutor have?
  • Will online or in person provide a better learning environment for your child?
  • Consider an agency over an individual tutor (particularly if they can provide references and proven results)
  • Would you like regular reports on your child’s progress?
  • What type of pro and post assessment will your child receive? (if any)

If you would are interested and would like to explore our History tutoring services further, then please feel free to contact us today. One of our friendly and professional representatives will happily discuss your child’s requirements in detail and come up with a solution that fits you.

Our History tutors are qualified, professional and approachable. They will create a comfortable learning experience for your child and can provide them with the support they need to approach their exams with confidence.

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