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IB Group 5 – Mathematics

IB Group 5 – Mathematics



Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation is a new course that will be taught from September  2019 and will be closest in content and assessment to the current Mathematical Studies course.  It is available at both Standard Level and Higher Level. It is appropriate for students who are  interested in developing their mathematics for describing our world and solving practical problems. They will also be interested in harnessing the power of technology alongside exploring mathematical models. Students who take Mathematics: Applications and interpretation will be  those who enjoy mathematics best when seen in a practical context.

This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects such as social sciences, natural sciences, statistics, business, some economics, psychology, and design, for example. This option emphasises the applied nature of the subject, and also that interpretation of results in context is an important element of the subject.


    • All students will complete 120 hours of SL content and 30 hours of investigation, inquiry and problem-solving activities including completing the internal assessment.
    • HL students will complete an additional 90 hours of Higher Level content.


External assessment:

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL will be assessed with two written papers both of which will require the use of the technology in the form of a graphical calculator.

    • Paper 1 will consist of short questions
    • Paper 2 will consist of longer questions.

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL will be assessed in a similar way to the corresponding SL course on papers 1 and 2, but HL candidates will sit a third exam paper.

Internal assessment:

The internal assessment task will be the same for both HL and SL and will be based on the current Mathematics SL and Mathematics HL exploration model which enables students to undertake a piece of research which interests them. The internal assessment will involve producing a mathematical model of a real-world situation using topics taken from the course.

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