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GK Consultants provides full guidance and support to those students who are seeking admission to independent schools in the UK and the US. We will help parents to find the best schools that are the most appropriate for their child and draw up a shortlist together with the parents so that the way forward is made much easier considering the fact that the number of choices is can be overwhelming. We will work with your child as he or she prepared for any entrance tests or scholarship tests that each school requires or offers. We will also help your child and you with any personal statements that have to be written as part of the entrance procedure. Finally we will help your child gain confidence through targeted practice in interview techniques. Basically we will support you and your child every step of the way as you move forward towards securing a place in a top independent school.

The Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) in the UK provides rigorous, high quality examinations and assessments for pupils seeking entry to independent senior schools at 11+ and 13+. The examinations, backed by the leading independent school associations, include the Common Pre-Tests, Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship examinations.

The 13+ Common Entrance examination is strongly supported by many of the top prep and independent senior schools in the UK. Its rigorous syllabuses and breadth of subjects provide a strong academic focus for pupils in Years 7 and 8 and an excellent preparation for GCSEs and IGCSEs.

GK Consultants provides either long-term or short-term preparation for any and all of these tests so that your child will feel well prepared and confident when the time comes for him or her to take the tests.