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Interview Technique and Training

Interview Technique & Training

Preparing For The Workplace

What You Need Before An Interview

Preparing For Your Interview

At GK Consultants you can learn the specialist techniques and particular skills that will enable you to be a confident and outstanding interviewee. The Director, Gary King, has interviewed hundreds of teachers and students during his career in the United States, the UK and in Southeast Asia. Each type of interview situation has its own set of individual requirements though some of these are common to all types of interview.
Gary King will design an interview training programme specifically tailored to your needs and the kind of interview that you are going to have. So whether you are a teacher interviewing for a subject specialist position, an administrator looking to take on more responsibility or a student who wants to prepare for that all important college interview, King Academics will give you the necessary tools and the confidence that will enable you to perform at your very best.
The Interview Technique and Training Programme consists of five main areas of personal training and development:

Initial Discussion

An initial discussion will form the first phase of the program and is designed to find out what your academic aspirations and/or career goals are. This preliminary discussion also allows us to get to know you in terms of your ability to communicate effectively about whom you are and where you expect to see yourself in the future. This will also enable us to design all the aspects of the next phases of your personal training. If your first language is not English then we shall help you to improve those areas of general and technical linguistic expression that will increase your confidence and thereby create a much better impression at an interview.

In-depth analysis

The initial discussion will then develop into a more in-depth analysis of your personal presentation. You will be coached both in verbal and non-verbal communication. You will be taught what to say and what not to say and also how to express yourself more effectively and naturally. You will have ample opportunity to use your own ideas that will allow you to give the interviewer a genuine feel for who you are and what you are looking for. You will be given a set of some of the more awkward and open-ended questions that interviewers often like to ask. You will be given the chance to ask your own carefully structured questions in order to make your preparation as comprehensive as possible. If it is relevant to your particular presentation you will be asked to design a Power Point Presentation specifically designed to show off your talents.

Mock Interview

A mock interview will form the next phase of the training program. It will consist of a sequence of questions that have been specifically designed to fit your particular situation. This mock interview is likely to be more rigorous than the actual interview that you will experience. There will be wide ranging questions, follow-up questions and the opportunity for both interviewer and interviewee to learn as much as possible about each other’s requirements. The mock interview will be carried out exactly like a real interview. It will last for approximately one hour and there will be no feedback given at its conclusion.

Feedback Session

A complete in-depth analysis of your performance in the mock interview will form the basis of this next phase of the program. You will be taken through all of your answers to the questions and given feedback, both positive and not so positive, on each one. You will also have the opportunity to offer some of your own self-analysis in order to make this session as comprehensive in its scope as possible. You will be coached on how better to use your voice,your language skills, your organization, your pacing and your general comportment.

Further Development

The content of this phase of the program really depends upon how we and you feel about the progress you have made and how far we feel that you still need to go in order to reach a level of self-confidence that you are satisfied with. We will make recommendations regarding further improvements in any or all of the various aspects of the techniques that you have
learned. You may choose to have a second mock interview or one or several smaller mock interviews that focus on a specific area. Fundamentally we are here to support you in whatever ways we can in order to best prepare you for the task ahead.
So call GK Consultants today and make the commitment to yourself to be confident and totally prepared for that all important interview!

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