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Japanese Speaking English Tutors (日本語を話せる英語講師)

Japanese Speaking English Tutors


English Language Course taught by Japanese Teachers

So, you have finally decided to learn English? Perhaps you have been meaning to get around to it sooner, but you were feeling self-conscious about learning in front of a complete stranger. Whatever the case, learning English with a Japanese speaking English tutor offers many advantages, and may also help you to feel more at ease.


Will the Ability to Speak English Truly Benefit Me and/or My Family?


  • Absolutely. If you are thinking about learning English—whether for yourself, your children, or with friends—then rest assured that you will not regret the decision!英語は必ず役に立ちます!自分のために勉強するにしろ、子供のために勉強するにしろ、友人と勉強するにしろ、後悔することはありません。Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits of learning a new language:実際どのようなメリットがあるのか、見てみましょう:

    Speaking English Gives You More Freedom and Flexibility


    The great thing about learning a new language is that it’s like collecting a key that unlocks a whole other aspect of life that you may never otherwise be able to experience. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore new career paths, you can make more friends and attend different events with more confidence, and you’ll even be able to watch and understand Western cinema and television without needing subtitles (that’s a great bonus)!


    It Can Further Your / Your Children’s Education


    As English is one of the most prominently spoken languages in the world, being able to understand and speak it opens a lot of doors for you. You can gain access to further learning experiences, and your children will be able to experience a more international education, whilst making new friends while they are at it!


    Increased Problem Solving Skills and Mental Dexterity


    Just as travel broadens the mind, so does learning a new language. Your mind undergoes many changes when you learn to speak a new language; one of the most exciting of which is becoming better at solving problems and exploring new ideas.

    新しい言語を学ぶということは自分の世界を広げるということです。視野が広まります。 それだけでなく、新しい言語を学ぶということは問題を解決する力を増すことになります。新しいアイデアも浮かびます。

    Being able to speak English will give you a whole new perspective in life and this can be a huge advantage to both you and your children!


    These are just a handful of the benefits that can be gained by learning to speak English. In other words, if you are looking to improve yourself and gain a new skill that comes with a truckload of real-life benefits, then our Japanese speaking English tutors’ would be delighted to guide you.


The Benefits of Learning English from a Japanese Speaking Tutor


Hire a Japanese Speaking English Tutor for a Familiar Connection


Learning a new language can feel overwhelming. In fact, for many of us, starting out with a new language can make us feel self-conscious when struggling to pronounce unfamiliar words in front of strangers.

新しい言語を勉強する、ということを考えるだけで疲れてしまいませんか?知らない単語を知らない人の前で発音しようとするとき、 やはり緊張してしまいませんか?

Of course, all of the tutors that we employ at GK Consultants are highly professional and are exceptionally good at making their students feel comfortable. However, that doesn’t change the fact that learning English from somebody who speaks Japanese will likely make you feel more at ease—even more so if they are a native Japanese speaker as well (this gives you common ground and a shared cultural connection).

GK コンサルタンツのネイティブの英語講師はプロの英語講師です。習う皆さんを勇気づけ、丁寧に教えます。しかし、日本語を話せる英語講師から習うことによって、生徒さんはもっと気楽に勉強することができます。同じ日本人だということもあり、お互い円滑にコミュニケーションが出来ます。

Learning a new language becomes significantly easier when you have additional context to assist you with comprehension. For example: A Japanese speaking English tutor will be able to put various words and scenarios into context for you more effectively, as they will be able to relate it to you by drawing examples from a culture that you both share and are familiar with.


In addition to that, when you find yourself struggling to form certain words with your mouth, you’ll be performing in front of someone who went through the exact same process when they first learned to English. This gives them a unique ability to help you feel less self-conscious, and more focused on learning and understanding the language instead.

その上、発音の難しい英語の単語を発音するとき、口の使い方を同じように苦労して習った英語講師が 生徒さんに発音の仕方を教えます。そうするとによって、生徒さんは英語をリラックスして習うことが出来ます。

You Can Learn More Effectively with A Japanese Speaking English Tutor


One thing that can be quite daunting when learning a new language, is the thought of not being able to fully communicate with your tutor.


For example: An English tutor—as talented as they might be—who doesn’t speak Japanese, may offer you what feels like more of a limited learning experience when compared to a Japanese speaking English tutor. This is because an English tutor who can speak Japanese with you, will be able to go into much more depth if you get stuck on something.


And of course, you’ll feel less shy and you can ask the silly questions (that in fact, aren’t silly at all and may genuinely help you progress further as an English speaker).  Whereas someone who can’t speak Japanese with you during lessons, may struggle to give you the important information that can help you progress.


Certainly, learning English from a native English speaker has its benefits, and some of you might prefer that approach. However, with that additional language barrier, your progress might be noticeably slower.


That being said, the experience is different for each individual, as are our styles of learning so, find your groove and do what makes you feel the most comfortable. At GK Consultants, we would be delighted to support your progress either way.

最終的には個々人の選択ということになりますが、GK コンサルタンツではどちらを選択していただいても大丈夫です。

Work on Your English with a Familiar Style of Learning


Another benefit to having a Japanese speaking English tutor will be their style of teaching. If your English tutor is Japanese as well, then you will have both experienced a very similar education growing up. This gives them another unique advantage; when relaying new information to you in a style in which you are comfortable with.


In any case, our English tutors are highly-trained and have dedicated much time to improving their teaching, and finding more effective ways of helping their students learn—no matter where they come from.

どちらにしろ、生徒さんがどのレベルでも、効率よく学ぶことができるようにGK コンサルタンツの英語講師は研修を受けています。

All Levels of English Welcome (from Kindergarten to Professional Level)


We would like to set your mind at ease and tell you that we welcome learnings of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a complete newbie and have barely learned how to say hello, or you are more advanced and would like to take it to the next level, our Japanese speaking English tutors will be able to help you.


We also offer English tutoring by Japanese speaking teachers for children. So, if you would like your children to pick up the most widely-used language in the world, then we can certainly assist you with that.


Would You Like to Know More?


Would you like to learn more about our Japanese Speaking English Tutors? Perhaps you would like to trial a tutor for your children? Whatever the case, please feel free to contact us today. Our friendly advisors will be delighted to receive your call and help you in any way that they can.


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