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Online Tutoring Services for all Subjects

GK Consultants can effectively meet the needs of families looking for online tutoring support during this time of home-schooling. Our tutors are equipped to cover the full range of international curricula, across all levels and abilities.

Our online tutoring clients benefit from our tailored customised service, which ensures each individual students’ needs are met by the most appropriate tutors and teaching pedagogy.

We offer either Skype or Zoom tuition. These platforms deliver an ideal way of providing live ‘one to one’ tuition where both student and tutor can easily interact. Using shared documents or whiteboard, instruction can be presented just as easily as if sitting in close proximity. It’s almost, perhaps not quite, as good as having a tutor there in person!

Alongside individual subject support we can provide general mentoring and specialist guidance as required. We can also help students prepare for a wide range of examinations including 11+, Common Entrance, IGCSE Exams, A Level and IB.

In addition to being highly qualified and experienced, we ensure that our tutors are compatible to work with your children, based on your children’s needs.

Entrance Exams

The tutors at GK Consultants have a proven track record of successfully preparing children for entry into leading grammar and independent schools around the world. We provide an entrance examination programme and tuition for all entry points including 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ and 16+. We can also provide advice and guidance on the most suitable school for your child.

Our tutors will guide and support your child by preparing them for all elements of the exam process including verbal and non-verbal reasoning together with interview practice. Our tutors have successfully supported students gain entry to some of the top independent schools in the UK and the US.


Is there a difference between remote or online tutoring? 2020-08-19T14:21:38+07:00

Remote and online tutoring facilitate tuition using the latest computer technology.

Even though the terms online and remote are often used interchangeably, in the education world online tutoring is defined to be when educational software is used to provide educational support. It is often tailored to the specific needs of a student. It is often used for teaching languages, offering both verbal and non-verbal comprehension practice.


Remote tuition is a ‘live’, albeit a remote, activity with screen sharing between a tutor and a student using an online video chat service such as Skype and Zoom. It is essentially ‘one on one’ tutoring done remotely through the delivery channel.

Whilst online tuition can be beneficial for a student’s improvement in understanding a particular subject, remote tuition, in our experience, gives better results in the long term.

Why do I need remote tuition? 2020-08-19T13:45:45+07:00

Tuition has always been an important part of the education systems worldwide.

GK Consultants has tutored a wide range of international students from young aspiring actors and performers to the children of those parents who just want to enable their children to improve. We work with tutors who have a passion for education plus a strong academic background. Our tutors include qualified and experienced teachers from many of the best universities in the world.

Given the current circumstances related to Covid-19, social distancing and uncertainty on exam procedures, remote tuition has become even more important in helping towards academic success.

What IGCSE, A-Level and IB students are currently facing is great uncertainty – when will teachers have to submit IGCSE grades, which grades will be given based on the work students provided so far? These are tough questions indeed at this crucial stage

Some of the grades will be awarded with work that students will need to submit from a distance if schools do not reopen.

That is why it is important for students to continue working hard and have a point of contact with whom they can consult if a subject topic isn’t fully understood.

Remote tutoring is also important for students whose predicted grades have not reflected their true potential.

These students need to study especially hard in the time between now and when final grades are submitted.

With the help of a remote tutor, families can consolidate the work a student has been doing via distant learning and bridge any gaps that might occur.

A qualified and experienced tutor will also be able to identify areas of improvement for students which they can work on together.

Finally, with students being at home and having more time, remote tutoring can also open new subject areas for students such as Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Languages, Coding, to name but a few.

What are the benefits of remote tutoring? 2020-08-19T13:48:30+07:00

Academic success

It is not a secret that most students who receive tuition perform better in course work and exams than they would have if they had not received tutoring.

Remote tutoring increases the responsibility a student needs to take as exercises cannot be copied or shared with peers.

As a result, students have to work on tasks themselves and therefore increase their understanding of the subject at hand, ultimately leading to better grades.


Individual attention

Every person has a different learning style. A qualified tutor will work to accommodate a student’s individual learning style so they can build confidence and help them become less intimidated by exams.

It is a great way to offer students more support on subjects in which they might not be as confident, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask questions they were not able to ask in class.

An experienced tutor will create a stress-free environment where students can learn and express themselves without the fear of failure.

Ease of accessibility

Provided both the student and the tutor have a stable internet connection, remote tuition can take place from anywhere and by mutual arrangement with the tutor at any time.

Tutor availability

Most tutors hold academic degrees in the field they tutor and have an in-depth knowledge of their subject.

Using technology students can text message, e-mail or call tutors as and when they feel the need to do so.

This of course needs to be arranged with tutors individually, but in general it is common practice.

Regular feedback on Academic Progress

A remote tutor can provide parents regular feedback on the performance of their children as well as identify areas that need to be improved.

Some parents find this service crucial to the relationship between a tutor and the family. It not only gives a closer and more in-depth indication on how their child is performing but also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of remote tuition.

If you need more information on remote tutoring and how it can benefit you or your child please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly, or you can always email us at info@gkconsultants.org or call +66 (0) 98 585 7426.

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      Covid-19 Update 😷

      Covid-19: Tutorial Procedures

      Just recently the Covid-19 situation has become increasingly worse once again and obviously worrying for all of us. Schools are closed or likely to be closed and will be offering online learning to supplement and replace all classroom teaching, homework assignments, examination preparation and project work. We here at GK Consultants will continue to work with students on their learning, school assignments and try to support each of them in terms of organisation, time management and other guidance as needed. Intensive support for IGCSE, A Level, SAT, ACT, AP and IB examinations will continue as we approach crucial dates during these next few months. Homeschooling programmes will continue as before.


      GK Consultants will continue to operate as follows:


      • Students can have their tutorials delivered either in person or by an online learning interface such as Skype or Zoom. Remote methods of teaching and learning work well, and we have used online teaching and learning techniques for many years. Online tutorials are scheduled at the same time as their face-to-face counterparts or can be rescheduled if an alternative time is convenient for the student and the tutor.


      At GK Consultants we are always here to discuss all matters relating to your son’s or your daughter’s education. Just because we are dealing with a health crisis does not mean that education is interrupted – you child’s future is as important today as it ever was.

      We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions and let us all hope that the situation improves soon and we will be able to look back on this current pandemic in terms such as, “Do you remember when……...”

      Best wishes to you all: I, my academic team and administrative team wish you and your family a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2021.


      Gary King


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