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Academic English

Academic English

For Pre-University Students

"Academic English" for Pre-University Students

So many students are now faced with weeks, or more likely months, of being in limbo before they begin the next phase of their education. A very high proportion of these students find that writing excellent Academic English is very challenging and they desperately need a course that will give them the skills they must have that will enable them to write well when they are immersed in University courses.

Gary King, our Director, is offering a custom-designed course for pre-University students that will give them the tools and the confidence to write well no matter what the course is that they are going to study at university. The course can be tailored towards the specific needs of each student: the course can be more Business or Economics based, Science based, or just general Academic English. The course consists of readings and associated writing assignments and presentation skills so that students can speak about a topic of interest for a certain time period: anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes during the tutorial. Mr King will train each student to write well, write confidently and to speak clearly with correct pronunciation and intonation that will grab the attention of all listeners.

The course can be 12 hours, 21 hours or 30 hours in duration and delivered in 90-minute tutorial slots at any mutually convenient time of the day, once or twice per week. The course can be delivered to each individual student online via Skype or Zoom. The fees are shown below:

Course Duration Hourly Rate Total Cost (excl. VAT)
12 hours
(eight 90-minute tutorials)
2,400.00 28,800.00
21 hours
(fourteen 90-minute tutorials)
2,200.00 46,200.00
30 hours
(twenty 90-minute tutorials)
2,000.00 60,000.00
Registration Fee
(covers the cost of all teaching and learning materials)

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