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Science Tutors

Science Tutors

Is your child having difficulty with one or all of the Sciences at school? Or perhaps they are doing exceptionally well and could benefit from advanced learning? Whatever the case, at GK Consultants we provide support for all, teaching Pre-School age children, through Primary, Middle School, High School, IGCSE, IB PYP, IB MYP, IB DP, A Level, and AP.

Science is a broad and universal subject that spans far and wide, examining the structure and behaviour of our physical and natural world via experimentation and observation. Science education is typically broken down into the following three areas: Biology, chemistry, and physics. Whether your child is having difficult with one particular branch of science, or all three of them, our Science tutors can assist them.

Why Hire a Science Tutor?

Why should you hire a Science tutor? How can having the additional support of a dedicated Science tutor benefit your child? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • If your child is having difficulty with the Sciences: Is your child having particular difficult with Science? If so, the dedicated support of a qualified Science tutor can give them the extra boost they need.
  • If your child would like more of a challenge: If your child is making light work of their current curriculum, our Science tutors can provide a more advanced learning experience to further their education.
  • Help your child to develop key skills: Science is a wonderful subject that inspires the imagination and can help your child develop their critical thinking skills. With additional support from a dedicated Science tutor, we can help them improve on these key skills.
  • Work on the Sciences with confidence: If your child has been struggling with Science while other students are taking to it with relative confidence, it can lead to feelings of embarrassment. This in turn can result in your child not taking part in class. With a personal Science tutor on the other hand, they can engage with the subject and develop their knowledge without fear of judgement or embarrassment.
  • Receive better feedback: Having a private Science tutor means that your child can get better and more detailed feedback about their work. This in turn can help them to learn from their mistakes and see a clearer path to success.
  • Improve their focus: If your child struggles to focus in a group learning environment, having a one on one environment where they can learn absent distraction could be of huge benefit to them.
  • Enjoy the learning process more: Our Science tutors are gifted and highly creative with their educational techniques and can make the learning process much more enjoyable for your child. When a child is having fun, not only does the learning experience become easier, but they will invariably retain more knowledge.
  • Sciences courses designed for your child: We offer Science tutorial programmes at all levels. Whether for young learners, primary or secondary age children, our tutors are experts in their field. We can provide customised courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. We are able to prepare students for external examinations at IGCSE (Combined (Single Award), Coordinated (Double Award) or separate Biology, Physics and Chemistry (Triple Award), A Level, Advanced Placement or IB DP (HL and SL).

How to find the right Science Tutor for your child?

How do you find the ideal Science tutor for your child? Here are some things we recommend you consider before making your final decision:

  • What are your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and requirements?
  • What experience and qualifications does the tutor have?
  • Decide whether online or in person is best for your child
  • Consider an agency over an individual tutor (particularly if they can provide references and proven results)
  • Would you like regular progress reports?
  • What type of pro and post assessment will your child receive? (if any)

If you would like to explore our Science tutor services further, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to discuss your child’s needs in detail and come up with a solution that fits you. Our qualified and dedicated Science tutors can help make a big difference in your child’s educational career and give them the support they need to approach their exams with confidence.

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