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What Educators, Parents & Students Say

Educators Who Have Worked Closely With Gary King

“Without a doubt, one of the most successful math tutors in New York.”

“His attention to the needs of students and his ability to make sense out of mathematics makes Gary King a leader in mathematics education.”

‘There are few teachers who can match Gary’s skill in making mathematics both comprehensible and enjoyable.”

“Gary King’s track record in enabling students to surpass their expectations on the SAT I and the math SAT II is legendary. There are few who can match his teaching genius.”



The Mountbatten Institute, New York, formerly Headmaster, The Anglo-American International School, New York, and Headmaster, Bangkok Patana School, The British International School in Thailand.

"Gary King is a teacher and tutor of mathematics who has extraordinary talent. He teaches his students by immersion; not by lecture but by subtly guiding their every move as they gather the skills and confidence to work effectively and successfully by themselves.

In setting up his educational consultancy and private tutoring service, Gary's perceptive judgment of people and his own pedagogical experience have enabled him to recruit a team of the finest tutors available - tutors who are highly qualified and who are knowledgeable of and experts in teaching their specialist subjects. The tutors are able to adapt their approach and the content of each tutorial programme to the needs of each student. The GK Consultants team under Gary's leadership is, in my opinion, without parallel in the highly competitive tutoring market."



Dean of Students, Columbia Preparatory School, New York City, NY, USA.

“Gary King has the ability to inspire each of his students to write some of the most interesting and superbly crafted college essays that I have ever read.”



Formerly Academic Dean, International Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator and Head of the English Faculty, The Anglo-American International School, New York. Director of College Counselling, Marymount School, New York

"I have worked with and known Gary King for over 25 years. He is an excellent tutor -- patient and knowledgeable, able to adopt his teaching method to the individual student, reliable, and honest. I can't recommend him highly enough!"


David Kahn

President, KahnTest, New York City, NY, USA

Parents and Students

Just wanted to let you know Lucy scored 800 on her Math II subject test. Congratulations to you both, and our thanks to you!


Michael, Linda and Lucy, Senior at Trinity

Gary King provided my son with expert math tuition and SAT preparation throughout his high school years. His careful and sustained attention to my son’s particular learning needs allowed John to gradually acquire the skills and confidence that ultimately led to his success as a math student.


Roberta Prada, Parent

Mr. King gave me the confidence to become successful at algebra – something I never thought I would be able to do.


Ellen, 10th Grade Student

Gary King was instrumental in getting my son from a 650 to a score of 790 on the SAT math – Dan is now at Princeton.


Parent of Princeton Student

Shelley scored a disastrous 280 on the SAT math. After a few months with Gary King as her tutor she scored a respectable 590 – a score that we never thought could be possible.


Parent of a 12th Grade Student

AP Calculus was a nightmare until my parents agreed to hire Mr. King as my tutor. The nightmare was soon over and I learned how to think and write logically in what I have come to realise is a beautiful academic discipline.


Brad, 12th Grade Student

My son was always good at math but not so good at math tests. We really thought that this would prevent his being able to get into the school of his choice. We hired Mr. King and were absolutely delighted when Stephen got accepted to Stuyvesant.


Parent, 9th Grade Student at Stuyvesant High School

I really struggled with Trig. There just seemed to be so many rules and formulas. Mr. King showed me a few simple ways to remember the rules and how to apply them.


Tanya, 11th Grade Student

When my two sons moved to New York City my older son needed a Spanish Language tutor and an ACT tutor and my younger son needed a Biology tutor. We found GK Consultants by doing a Google Search and Gary King was able to provide us with tutors who really knew how to teach. These were not just recent college graduates but highly qualified education professionals who had school classroom experience and an excellent knowledge of their respective disciplines. The ACT tutor was extremely gifted in all sections of the ACT and improved my older son’s score well beyond our expectations. Gary kept a close eye on my sons’ progress and called me from time to time just to ask how things were going. What GK Consultants was able to give us was the perfect solution for my sons’ academic support.


Louise Johnson, Parent, New York City

Moving to Bangkok was an upheaval for my family to say the least. Both my son and daughter had attended the Dwight School when we lived in New York. In Bangkok Caitlin attended the Bangkok Patana School and James attended ISB. The transition from one school system to another was very stressful for both my children and then Gary King was recommended to us. Gary’s knowledge of the American, British and International systems of education proved to be invaluable. His systematic and immensely caring approach coupled with an infectious sense of humour put both my children at ease from their very first lessons. Caitlin was tutored in IGCSE maths and James was tutored for the SAT – verbal, wring and maths. This was indeed a success story. Caitlin is now at the University of Sussex, UK and James is at the New School, New York University, USA.


Karen Morley, Parent of Caitlin (Bangkok Pattana) and James (ISB)

Gary King and his academic team at GK Consultants were able to quickly bring my daughter up to speed with mathematics strategies that were needed to pass her IB examinations. She had been failing and, in the process, it was obvious that there were major gaps in her mathematical knowledge that her expensive international school had ignored.
Thanks to Gary’s care and expertise, my daughter’s mathematics improved to a level that gained her entry to a leading Australian university’s bridging course.
GK Consultants isn’t a quick, cheap fix. Gary and his team provide a valuable service in ensuring your child is equipped to meet his or her full potential. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this premium service.


Margot Towie, Parent, Bangkok, Thailand

Our son, Uno, currently attends Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok. Since he has been tutored by Mr. Gary King he has shown significant improvement in mathematics. He now has the ability to solve problems in a much more systematic and logical way that he was able to do 2 years ago. He has also developed the confident to explain his solutions to problems which indicate a much deeper understanding than he hitherto had. In addition to mathematics tutoring, Mr. Gary has provided Uno with guided counselling for his application to Brighton College School in England. Under Mr. Gary’s guidance Uno was able to produce an excellent personal statement and also presented himself at interview with much more confidence. We are delighted to announce that Uno has been accepted to Brighton College and will be joining Year 9 in August 2018. Uno really enjoys every class with Mr. Gary and we look forward to Uno receiving additional support from GK Consultants during the coming years.


Khun Em, Parent of Uno,Year 8, Shrewsbury International School

My IB Mathematical Studies result was very poor and in order to get into the university of my choice I really needed a tutor to help me. Mr. King was recommended to me and I took private lessons with him during the three months leading up to my retake of the exam. One aspect of the lessons with Mr. King that was so invaluable to me was his ability to help me navigate through the very “wordy” IB Maths Studies questions. My formal English just wasn’t very good but Mr. King knew just how to teach a student whose first language is not English. Not only did my maths improve but my English improved so much. My Maths Studies grade improved and I was finally accepted by Warwick University, UK. I am very grateful to Mr. King for helping me to achieve success and for giving me so much more confidence in my abilities.


Nakorn, Student, Bangkok, Thailand

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