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TOEIC Exam Preparation

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), is an international standardized test to intended to gauge the proficiency of non-native speakers and their grasp of the English language. Specifically, this test is designed to measure the everyday language skills of people working in an international environment. If you are looking to open yourself up to a whole world of career opportunities, bolstering your command of the English language is the best place to start!

At GK Consultants, we boast an exceptional track record for helping our students master their English speaking abilities and smashing the TOEIC exam with flying colors. If you need help with preparing for the test and gaining the knowledge you need to walk into the exam with complete confidence, then we encourage you to read on; we’ll tell you everything you need to know…

What level do you need to be?

The team at GK Consultants can determine how many hours of classes will be necessary, and the methods of study best suited to you, based on the score you need to achieve in your TOEIC exam and what level your current English language proficiency is at.

What does the TOEIC exam consist of?

The TOEIC test questions are formulated around real-life work settings in an international company environment (e.g., meetings, phone conversations, travel requirements, etc.). The exam is typically around 2-hours long and is a multiple choice exam consisting of some 200 questions:

  •       100 questions on listening comprehension
  •       100 questions in reading comprehension.

Each candidate taking the TOEIC exam will receive independent marks for their written and oral comprehension on a scale of 5 to 495 points, with a total score that adds up to a final scale of 10 to 990 points.

How will the TOEIC exam benefit you?

The TOEIC exam is used by international organizations all over the world in order to determine whether a prospective candidate for employment is suitable for—and able—to fulfil a certain role. If you have plans to advance your career and work for a large organization—particularly in Asia—then a TOEIC certificate will be priceless for you; opening your career prospects up significantly.

How can one prepare for the TOEIC exam?

At GK Consultants, we offer a TOEIC exam preparation service. You are welcome to attend our TOEIC exam prep courses if you want the best possible chance at smashing the exam and scoring as high as possible.

We will introduce you to examples of previous questions used in similar tests, and arm you with the knowledge and skills to approach every aspect of the exam with total confidence.

Additionally, we customize every course to work on only the areas that you need to focus on, so as not to waste your precious time.

In the initial stage, we will interview you, followed by a free comprehension test. That way, we can determine what your goals and aspirations are, and how competent you are with your English language abilities. Following that, we can tailor a course specifically for you and then help to prepare you as best we can for the TOEIC exam itself.

We have an excellent track record and will arm you with everything you need to know and exactly what to expect when you walk into your TOEIC exam. That knowledge, coupled with English language refreshers and top tips from some of the leading industry experts will put you in an excellent position to tackle this challenge and take your professional career to even greater heights.

Want to learn more about TOEIC Exam Preparation with GK Consultants?

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your TOEIC Exam Preparation, please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly advisors will gladly answer any questions you might have so you can determine if we are the right fit for you.